Custom furniture

Custom furniture - luxury or good investment? ... BOTH!

At home, at work, on holiday - furniture is an integral part of our everyday lives. No matter where we are, comfort and functionality of space are key elements in the life of an active person.

The environment we create ourselves is like the last garment that envelops us. It must be fashionable and beautiful, because it is how others see us. It must be well tailored so that we feel and move freely. It has to be made of quality materials to last long enough. It must be practical and functional to meet the challenges of the day. And most of all - it must reflect us.

Bespoke furniture largely reflects the character of the owner, his lifestyle and in this sense is unique. And every uniqueness is a luxury!

Let's be ECO!

The "ECO" theme in furniture and interiors finds different interpretations according to current trends. Should we choose solid wood and thus bring an authentic piece of nature into our environment? Or should we opt for high-tech processed materials and thus save wood? It's a matter of perspective - your perspective.

And us? We believe that any environment that makes you feel good is your eco-environment. Because "eco" actually means "house".

Wide choice

In an effort to provide a wide range of choice to the customer, we at Ekodom offer the full range of materials used in modern furniture construction:

Solid wood from coniferous and deciduous species (white pine, spruce, beech, oak, walnut, lime).
Laminated wood panels – Chipboard, MDF with natural veneer or polyurethane coating, with a wide range of colours and textures.
HPL plates with increased impact, scratch and thermal resistance.
Worktops and backs of heat-resistant slabs, natural or technical stone, glass, etc.
Furniture mechanism – smooth closing, hinges with shock absorbers, sliding and lifting mechanisms, push-pull systems.
Space organization systems for drawers and wardrobes.